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PILOT 2000 Computer Light Controller

Product Information

Product Name:   PILOT 2000 Computer Light Controller

Product Model:  ST-PLT2000
Detailed specifications:
* Universal DMX controller for 40 units with a maximum of 36 channels each.
* Constant monitoring of output parameters thanks to a large back-lit display.
* Using the Scroll function, operators can control blocks of 6 channels at a time.
* Thanks to the (editable) internal libraries,
   it’s possible to assign functions to the faders at will:  physical and logic channels are independent.
   40 chases -Programs -Presets - Psychos.
*The section dedicated to scanners and moving head fixtures has a twin co-ordinate system:   
   absolute and relative. This ensures perfect fixture positioning.
* Pilot 2000 can be mounted in a standard 19” rack (5 units),
   but can also be used as a desk-top unit, thanks to the shape of its frame
    DMX in/out connector, SMPTE socket for changing memories in sync,
    independent regulation of scene and preset crossfade times.
* Audio input and built-in microphone for music sync functions.
* MIDI in/thru/out connector.
* Data and memories can be downloaded to a PC.
* Jack socket for pedal for stepping up/down through memories.
* Universal AL4 switching power supply included
Net Weight : 3.24kg                    Gross Weight: 4.48kg  
Product Size: 49*22.5*8cm      Packaging Size:59.5* 33* 18cm  
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