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New 192 DMX Console

Product Information


Product Name: NEW 192 DMX CONSOLE
Model: ST- NEW192
* DMX-512/1990 standard, 192 DMX Channels
* Large Digital LCD display with back-lighted
* Control up to 16 intelligent lights (12 DMX Channels per fixture)
* Operation via Manual or Chase Step
* 16 Intelligent Fixture chase steps within 100 scenes for each,
* have the black out function, sound run function
* The speed and time of step can be set
* The new original soft, stable and reliable performance
* Range of cross time: 0-100%.
* Range of speed time: 0.25s-60s.
* Each chase speed and cross time can be saved automatic.
* Auto-saving data since turn off controller
* DMX signal output connector: XLR-D3F
* Gross Weight: 2.5KGS
* Packaging Size: 535*185*100mm
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